Websites & Positions


Website is the publisher top level in Powerspace Ads.
At website level, you can define a few things: the website Name, its URL and its IAB category. The IAB category is important because it will teach our algorithms to display relevant ads on your website.


Positions are areas where the ads will be displayed.
At position level, you define the position's name, market, network, channel, revenue share, type, size and the number of zones inside it.


Example of a position with 1 zone

Design Rules

When your Powerspace Account Manager creates the template of your position / zone(s), she / he takes into account the following rules.

  • Design match the context
    The design of the ad should be close to the context. It is recommended to take same fonts, size and some color and design elements of the website / newsletter.

  • Equilibrium in margins & fonts
    Make sure the alignment of the text zones and image match the overall newsletter equilibrium and existing margins

Transparency vs. end users
    The ad must not be an exact copy of a publisher article. Ideally a small differentiation in design and a clear “ad disclosure” mention must be added.