CRM Targeting : your customers, your audience

Introducing CRM Custom Audience. We aim at giving advertisers full control about their audiences and this advanced targeting feature empowers advertisers to decide exactly who should -or should not- see their ads.

Using Powerspace’s CRM Custom Audience targeting, advertisers can target specific groups of users, based on their own lists of users - e.g. “existing clients” or “hot prospects”. To do the matching, advertisers can now upload the lists of their contacts and attribute a name to each segment. Once uploaded, segments can be included or excluded from a campaign using the settings page.

The number of segments per campaign is unlimited (as long as each one gathers at least 50 addresses). Advertisers can thus perform very fine-grained targeting, by mixing inclusion and exclusion segments.

Upload a user Email file

Advertisers have to extract the list of users’ email address they want to target from their CRM, DMP, or back-office. Then, they need to upload this file (.txt or .csv) in the Segment tab of their campaign. The user gets notified once the file has been completely processed.


Privacy of user-data is our primary concern. Everything we store is encrypted. Original files are deleted after processing.


After saving, the file will be analyzed and the user profiles inside it will be linked to the segment. This step could take a few minutes.


Include or Exclude your segment

Once the segment is processed, advertisers can use it in their AdGroup targeting section by clicking on the “Custom Audience” tab and select a segment to either target ads on these users or exclude it from the delivery of the ads.

Use cases

  1. Exclude your existing customers

Upload the email list of all your existing customers and then exclude them from the targeting of your AdGroup. This way, you are sure these people won’t see any of your ads and you will spend your money only to acquire new potential clients.

  1. Targeting Inactive Customers

Upload the email list of your customers who did not buy something on your website for more than 3, 6 or 12 months and target them for your campaign.This way, even though these users haven’t visited your website and can’t be re-targeted using classical re-targeting networks, you will be able to push them a specific message so that they remember your brand and be keener to buy from you again.

Using offline CRM data is limitless for campaign targeting. The only limit here is imagination !

More info in the documentation page